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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why "Choose to Be Happy"

When I decided to use this blog title, I realised it had been taken up so I tried different variations and finally I got it as “ch00se2bhappy”. If you look at the “00” carefully, they are actually zeros. Well, nevermind if it's zero or “O” as long as it looks like an “O” :P

This however shows that I've chosen the right blog title as there are actually so many people who believe that being happy is a choice.

Life is ticking with time each minute and each second. We cannot turn back the time, we cannot change things that had happened, but we can learn from mistakes, learn from experience and we can change our thinking/ourselves to live more positively. Most importantly we can choose to be happy, it is a choice available to all of us.

Each morning, run a quick mental inventory of all the valuable assets you have (a supportive family, good and encouraging friends, a stable job & income, a cozy home etc), aren't all these good enough to make you decide to Be Happy?

Choose to be happy today and make the decision to be happy when you wake up each morning.

Finally, let me share a quote that I like very much -

"The man with no shoes grumbled in the street,
until he met a man with no feet."

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