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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let Us complain less and Give More

How often do we complain that life is unfair? How often do we feel unhappy and unsatisfied with what we have?

If we compare ourselves with the rich people and CEOs, I could "see" how unfair life is when they drive around in Porsche and Ferrari while we have to take the public transport. They buy branded bags like LV and Gucci, while we can only afford their imitations. They stay in bungalows and private properties while we live in public housings. They go golfing during office hours, while we continue to slog after office hours.

They are born with a silver spoon while we are told to work very hard. They seem to be successful in everything they do while we keep facing problems.

However if we compare our lives with the people in the video, I could only say "You just don't realise how fortunate you are. Be grateful and appreciate what you have."

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