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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Making Bo Bo Cha Cha Dessert - the Easy Way

Two weeks ago when we were doing our weekly grocery shopping, I saw this conveniently packed & vacuum sealed sweet potato and taro, these are the main ingredients for making bo bo cha cha. As I have never tried making it at home and now that there's this less hassle and convenient solution, I decided to try it out following the cooking instructions provided on the back of the packing.

The next important ingredient for bo bo cha cha is the crystal cubes, this is something I will first look for in my dessert bowl when I have this outside :P I bought both ingredients from a big supermarket.

Pandan leaves are included in the pack of sweet potatoes and taros, as it was after one week plus that I made this dessert, I decided to use my own pandan leaves instead. The other ingredients that are required in this dessert are cane sugar and coconut milk.

As there are only the two of us, I've decided to split the portion into two and cook the rest end of the week, and this has proved to be a right decision =)

Here is the final product - a bowl of easy to make and not too sweet bo bo cha cha dessert is finally ready for me to savour =) Yummy "P

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