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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The A - Z Secrets to Success in Life

Success: Soccer
Success: Soccer

A void working just for power and money. The most important thing in life cannot be bought.
B e Honest, Reliable, and Kind.
C hoose your friends carefully, stay away from negative people.
D on't be afraid to take risks.
E verything is possible. You have to believe that You Can Do It!
F ree rides don't exist.
G ratitude and appreciation towards life is the secret to living a happy life.
H appiness is a Choice. Being miserable is the other option.
I nvest in expanding your knowledge, learning is a lifelong process.
J ust doing enough to get by won't get you anywhere, you have to Go the Extra Mile.
K eep Going No Matter What, Press On!
L earn from your mistakes, and never repeat them.
M ean what you say, and say what you mean.
N ever, ever give up on your dreams.
O pportunities only knock on the door of the person who is Prepared.
P ut in only your Best Efforts.
Q uit the habit of procrastinating and making excuses.
R each out to people who need help.
S ometimes you have to slow down and smell the roses.
T reat everyone with Respect.
U se your most precious asset - Time wisely.
V isualise your dreams coming true in your mind's eye.
W ork hard, but do not forget to spend time with your Loved ones.
X pect obstacles in life but see them as Challenges.
Y ou are Responsible for your life.
Z oom in to the details of the steps you will take to achieve your goals.

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