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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Accept Challenges of Life

A Woman Aboard a Sailboat on a Rough Sea by Bill Curtsinger
A Woman Aboard a Sailboat on a Rough Sea

Smooth roads never make good drivers.
Smooth seas never make good sailors.
Clear skies never make good pilots.
A problem-free life never makes a strong and good person.
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.
Don't ask Life: "Why me?"
Instead, "Try me..."


amalbose said...

i never was happy with things around me..n definitely i was never completely happy.
i desperately try to be different, but its difficult.

Freedomlover said...

Changing requires time, no one can change instantly or overnight. But I hope your attempt in "try to be different" will not change you to someone else, someone not uniquely yourself. We should change for the better, improve ourselves but not change ourselves to become someone else. We should not change ourselves into someone whom we would not recognise when we look into the mirror. Instead the change should boost our confidence, give us hope, and make us see the beauty of life.

Set a goal, make plans and every day work towards your goal. Each improvement and each step forward however small deserves a pat on the back from you, constantly encourage yourself along the way, stay focus on your goal and don't give up easily.

What would you do, if you can choose to be happy?

pacu said...

Don't ask Life: "Why me?"
Instead, "Try me..."

that's so inspiring!
guess i'll be using those words frequently. thanks for sharing! :)

Freedomlover said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, do drop by often =)